No, wallpapers are not suitable for damp (seelan) walls. 
PVC panels by DW are suitable for damp(seelan) walls. 

2. Can we apply wallpaper on distemper/paint/putti?

Yes, wallpaper can be easily installed on even surfaced distemper/paint/putty walls. 

3. Best surface for wallpaper?

Putty with primer is the best surface for wallpaper and hence give them a longer life

4. What is the life of wallpapers?

DW Wallpapers has an average life of 5+ years and can last up to 7-10 years. 

5.Does Delhiwallpapers provides free installations?

Yes, DelhiWallpapers is only website which provides wallpaper with installation only in Delhi-NCR.

6. Are these wallpapers washable?

Yes, DW 3D wallpapers are washable with water and wet sponge
And DW textured wallpapers are cleanable with wet sponge.

7. Is there any warranty of wallpapers?

Yes, DW provides Onsite Warranty of 1 Year.
Only condition is wall should not be damped (seelan).

8. How can I measure my walls?

You can measure your walls by a simple measuring tape Width and Height .
And simply enter the size in inches into the size section to place order.
Link for measurement : https://youtu.be/0k83lRXZ-gs

9. What is the size of wallpaper?

3D wallpaper are customizable, which means you can get whatever size, but atleast 40sqft.

Textured Wallpaper has a fix size of 57sqft but after cutting and matching it remains 45-50sqft approx.


10. Are wallpaper waterproof?

Wallpapers are waterproof front but there should not be any dampness in wall.

11. Can we install wallpaper ourselves?

Yes you can with CMC powder and fevicol but we advise you to install it by DW installers for professional touch and also DW provides free installation on its products in Delhi-NCR.

12. Can we order products outside from Delhi?

Yes, you can get DW wallpaper outside from delhi but you will not get the installation.
You have to install these wallpapers from someone else.

13. Can we apply wallpapers on ceiling/ false ceiling?

Yes, just measure it property and you can order it for ceiling also.