Introducing newest ideas for decorating home beautifully on this Dussehra – 2022

god ram design 3d wallpaper

As the festive season is around the corner and so is the shopping time! One of the biggest festivals which is coming is Dussehra, a very special event of the year that is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm, with so many rituals & traditions, in different parts of India.

Dussehra is celebrated to cherish the win of good over evil. It is the day Ram kills Ravan, the king of Lanka who kidnapped Sita.

Dussehra is a day that is observed all around India and is marked by joy, colour, and radiance.

dussehra decoration home

It’s a time when people clean and decorate their homes. Before the festival celebration starts, a lot of preparation takes place including renovation, painting, buying new appliances covers, etc.

As our friends and relatives visit our homes for exchanging greetings and celebrations, on this occasion, we all are extra conscious while decorating our homes.

If you are seeking dussehra decoration ideas for your home then you are at the right place. Here you will get the perfect tips for decorating your home on this dussehra with delhiwallpapers.

woman making flower rangoli

As we all know that Diwali occurs just after 20 days of Dussehra, many people consider renovating their homes during this festival.

The idea of renovation sounds good! But it will consume your a lot of time,  try something new which will help you in utilising your time and efforts.

In this festive season, try something different to decorate your home. decorate your home with wallpapers. It will give a beautiful look to your home.

yellow leaves design for wall
  1. It will come in your budget
  2. Comes in wides of range
  3. Easy to install
  4. It takes less time than paint
  5. Easy to maintain
  6. Easy to remove
  7. You can customise it according to your taste and likes.

You can choose 3d wallpapers, textured wallpapers or subtle designs for decorating your home. At delhiwallpapers they provide you custom designs also.

Some tips and tricks for decorating your home before celebrating dussehra festival.

1. Clean your home –

light pink style textured wall paper

Cleaning your home is the first step in transforming it for Dussehra. Before decorating home and having the positive vibes around, discard all old items & give your home a thorough clean up.

You can also sprinkle the Ganga water to attain the sense of purity in your home before celebrating dussehra festival.

2. Decorate your walls –

wallpaper for home wall

Decorate the walls of your Pooja room or a place according to you with beautiful bright colours. You can decorate the walls by using the bright colour wallpapers or with 3D wallpapers on it.

Wallpapers will help you in decorating your walls more beautifully. You can choose wallpapers as of your choice.

By using wallpapers on the walls it will make your pooja room more beautiful and attractive.


Wallpapers on the walls will give your home a different look from other types of decoration such as paint or white wash.

Wallpapers stay longer than paints and other kinds of decorations till the years.

3. Brighten up your home with colourful wallpapers –

Bright colour wallpapers tend to unify the space much more, blending into the background rather than being the very first thing you see in the room.

Bright colour wallpapers are also good for decorating small space areas. Because light colour wallpapers can make a room feel more spacious.

Light colour wallpapers are definitely more versatile since they look great in both small and large room sizes.

4. Put lighting to your home decor –

hanging lights for decorating home

Shine your home with bright lamps and string lights. Use candles or diyas around the corners to keep the room bright and sparkly.

Decorate your pooja room with colourful LED lights to amp up the feeling of festivity and joy.

colourful diyas

5. Decorate your home with flowers –

family decorating flower rangoli

One of the best ways to decorate your home for Dussehra is to keep your decorations natural. Yes, we do mean by flowers. Here are some excellent ideas for Dussehra.

flower decoration on door
  • To give your entrance door a graceful look, add floral decors. garlands, floral rangolis, toranas, etc.
  • Place flower vases throughout your home in a variety of rooms and locations. Decorate your puja room with flowers.
  • Use traditional and local flowers like Indian roses, marigolds, hibiscus, and mogra.
flower design rangoli

6. Does wallpaper fit into a budget ?

Wallpaper can range in price from the low end to the high end of the cost spectrum.

Wallpapers are not that expensive, you can customise it according to your budget and need.

You can apply wallpapers on the walls according to yourself. As you like you can apply it on every wall or you can put it on only a single wall also.

lord ganesh with green base and duck design 3d wallpaper

Wallpapers are very durable and will hold up to wear and tear of children, high traffic areas and many varieties are scrubbable.

Wallpapers are made for decorating home walls. They are made for staying for a long time compared to white wash.

geometrical line design wallpaper

Now it’s time to make your home dussehra ready and decorate your home beautifully with delhiwallpapers. And have a joyful and colourful dussehra to you and your family.

silver flower design 3d wallpaper

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