Payment Terms:

1. 10% Advance for Order Confirmation.
2. 80% Payment On Delivery of order.
3. 10% Payment After installation.


Warranty on ProductsTime Period
3D Wallpapers, Textured Wallpaper1 Year 
Wall Panels1 Year
Posters Frames1 month
Metal Art3 Months

Warranty Includes

In case of 3D wallpapers or Textured Wallpapers.

1.Color fading and Dullness on Wallpapers
2.If wallpapers pull off from wall.*
3.If joints get open.*
*(wall dampness can cause many issues, so any of above issue occur due to dampness then our warranty don’t include those issues).

Warranty Excludes

In case of 3D wallpapers or Textured Wallpapers.

1.Dampness on wall/Papdi on wall.

2.Uneverness on walls

3.Physical Damage.

During Installation Policies.

1. In Case of Textured wallpapers, Extra Rolls will be Charged extra.
2.In Case of Panels, Extra Panels will be charged extra

3.Delivery applicable on extra panels delivered.

4.If panel left it will be returned.

5.If packed roll left, it will be returned.


Return and Refund Policy

15 Days Return , Refund or Reprint policy.

  • Damaged or Different color/material will be return only. 

Cancellation policy

1. 3D wallpaper (Customized wallpaper) order will not be cancel once advance paid.

2.Textured wallpapers order can be cancel before dispatch (Money will return within 7 days)