Best wallpaper for your kids room – 2022

Choosing wallpapers over paint is the most cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing option to design rooms specially for kids.

Delhiwallpapers provides you a wide range of wallpapers for your kids room. You can choose different wallpapers for boys  or girls like avenger or barbie . and you can also customise wallpapers according to your taste.

Kids can be messy and have a habit of drawing on the walls, so kids room wallpapers can be a good choice. If you choose patterns, it can also hide any smudges or dirt. So Delhiwallpapers gives you high durable and easy cleanup wallpapers.

There are really no rules when it comes to kids’ room ideas.

Wallpaper can be more durable than paint and last longer. wallpapers can be a safer choice for your kids room instead of using paint.

In terms of colour, both genders are of course free to take their pick.

So, here are some varieties for the kids

Wallpapers for kids :

A kid’s room is used for sleeping, relaxing, playing, learning, studying, as a space that friends will visit and as a general refuge. So it required more attention than other rooms as the child wants to “show it off” to their friends.

Colourful children’s bedroom wallpaper is a great way to inject a touch of creativity into a scheme.

There are some wallpapers for kids under (5 – 10) years old.

These wallpapers are for kids.

You can categorise wallpapers according to boys or girls.

Wallpapers for Boys :

Most of the boys of 5-10 years or more are into superheroes and marvels , so the wallpaper of their favourite hero on their wall would be a great gift for them that they will surely love.

Boys often lean towards cars, aeroplanes and ships. Circus or wild animal scenes are also popular.

You choose from hundreds of superhero designs from according to kids’ liking.

There is a special range of wallpapers for boys.

Wallpapers for Girls :

Many girls of kindergarten age love princesses, animals like cats, dogs, horses, but also fantasy creatures like unicorns or fairytale landscapes with castles. But zoo animals and pirate islands are also top of the list.

We all know Disney princesses are favourite of all lil girls and we have an amazing variety of designs , with vibrant colour and each design carrying a magical story with it your kids will definitely love the Delhiwallpapers Princess collection.

There is a custom range of wallpapers for girls also. Just have a look.

Some Educational wallpapers :


Create an interesting feature wall that will excite curiosity. A world map or solar system can work particularly well in a child’s room, acting as both an educational aid and colourful decor.

Using these kinds of wallpapers can help kids in improving their focus on studies.

There is also a variety of wallpapers which helps kids in providing an environment for good studies.

And these wallpapers will work for both genders – boys or girls.

Wallpapers for grown up kids :

Choosing wallpaper for grown up or teen kids can be difficult , in their age their interests keep on changing , so the wallpaper should also be up to their changing mood or behaviour.

Instead of changing design every now and then you can go with some abstract design or geometric designs which will surely give an escape from their mood swings.

A stylish choice for children and grown-ups alike, the delicate but impactful nature of florals can add a new dimension to any scheme, whether traditional or contemporary.

This is also the age when boys and girls tend to begin to have different design preferences.


Hope you have got an idea now about kids wallpapers for boys or girls, you can now visit on catalogue for decorate your kids room walls.

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